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Erie Republican “Really, Really sorry” for comparing Orthodox Jew politician to Hitler

Erie County, New York Republican County Executive Chris Collins is apologizing for comparing Orthodox Jewish New York State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver to Adolf Hitler.

An upstate Republican who’s eying a run for governor has compared Shelly Silver, the Orthodox Jewish speaker of the state Assembly, with Adolf Hitler and the anti-Christ.

And now Erie County Executive Chris Collins says he’s really, really sorry.

The slur came during a speech Saturday night to fellow Republicans in Buffalo, while slamming Albany’s notorious “three men in a room” budget process – in which the governor and legislative leaders make deals in private.

Collins referenced famed French seer Nostradamus’ prediction that there would be three anti-Christs before the Apocalypse.

He said it’s generally accepted the first was Napoleon and the second Hitler.

He said he was “pretty sure” the third is Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, two attendees at the Erie County GOP’s annual fall fund-raiser at the Adam’s Mark Hotel said.

“No one clapped. No one cheered. No one laughed,” said a Western New York Republican who was at the event. “I know I didn’t. I thought it was a little harsh to be calling someone an anti-Christ.”

Through his spokesman, Collins said he had made a “poor joke” and extended his “sincerest apologies” to Silver.

“While we may disagree strongly on policy matters, my statement had no place in our political discourse and I am truly sorry to both the speaker and to anyone else who I may have offended,” Collins said. Source: NY Daily News via Yeshiva World News

Definitely the best part about this story is the “Western New York Republican who was condemning the comparison to the Anti-Christ, but didn’t mention the Hitler reference. I guess that one was OK…

I’m not one to think that it is somehow doubly worse to compare a Jew to Hitler. I think pretty much all of these analogies are equally bad, regardless of the subject of the analogy. That said, from a perception standpoint, if you are going to compare someone to Hitler, you have got to be really fucking stupid if that person is an Orthodox Jew.

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Scalia compares Warren Court to Hitler

Mr. Class, Antonin Scalia

Mr. Class, Antonin Scalia

WTH reader John Starrett pointed me towards a remarkable statement by US Supreme Court Justica Antonin Scalia where he compares the Warren Court of the 1950s and their landmark Brown Versus the Board of Education decision ending segregation in US schools to Hitler.

Using his “originalist” philosophy, Scalia said he likely would have dissented from the historic 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision that declared school segregation illegal and struck down the system of “separate but equal” public schools. He said that decision, which overturned earlier precedent, was designed to provide an approach the majority liked better.
“I will stipulate that it will,” Scalia said. But he said that doesn’t make it right. “Kings can do some stuff, some good stuff, that a democratic society could never do,” he continued.

“Hitler developed a wonderful automobile,” Scalia said. “What does that prove?” Source: Huffington Post, H/T John Starrett

So in this analogy, the Warren Court is Hitler. And further, he is saying that while ending the forced separation of African-Americans might be “good stuff,” because it conflicts with his originalist philosophy, it wasn’t the “right” decision.

By lumping Hitler in with the Brown vs. BoE decision he’s managed to doubly offend. As if equating the Warren Court with Hitler wasn’t bad enough, he had to go and say that the decision to end segregation was the wrong decision.


Special note: while surfing for images of Scalia, I came across this one that was featured on the liberal site Daily Kos. Hey Daily Kos, it’s just as offensive coming from you as coming from Scalia!

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Conservative Blogger calls Bader-Ginsburg a Nazi

Not a Nazi

Not a Nazi

A blogger writing on the blog “the Lonely Conservative” has compared the Obama administration to the Nazis, Planned Parenthood to the SS, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Joseph Goebbels for their policies concerning abortion.

The story is really describing another holocaust perpetrated on the black family by leftist Goebbels in this country and their SS – Planned Parenthood. It should rip through your gut like a cold steel blade. Of course if you are a leftist Goebbels, like former Justice Ruth Ginsburg, than what you really think is this:

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion.” Source: The Lonely Conservative

It’s takes a special kind of person to accuse Ruth Bader Ginsburg–a Jewish woman who’s childhood was defined by the Holocaust and who would not be alive had her mother’s family not left Austria–of being a Nazi.

Stay classy Lonely Conservative! And with more posts like this, expect to stay lonely too.

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Stephen Fry apologies; restores order to the world

Stephen Fry is sorry

Stephen Fry is sorry

Stephen Fry, the amiable and brilliant British actor/writer has apologized for his recent accusation that Polish Catholics were complicit in the Holocaust.

I take this opportunity to apologise now. I said a stupid, thoughtless and fatuous thing. It detracted from and devalued my argument, such as it was, and it outraged and offended a large group of people for no very good reason. I am sorry in all directions, and all the more sorry because it is no one’s fault but my own, which always makes it so much worse. And sorry because I didn’t have the wit, style, grace or guts to apologise at the first opportunity. Source: Stephen Fry’s Blog

The apology comes in the form of a gigantic multi-page post on Fry’s blog. Like most everything Fry does, it is massively entertaining, very self-effacing and also self-serving, and clearly absolutely heart-felt.

The guy said something really, really dumb; he really, really didn’t think it through, and now he’s really really sorry.

Good for him for grabbing those vines on his way down that precipice he jumped off, and pulling himself back up.

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Interview with the man who launched a million Hitler parodies

In my other life, I am somewhat of an expert on left-wing German terrorism of the 1970s. On my site devoted to the Baader-Meinhof Gang, I recently interviewed Bernd Eichinger, the writer of the Baader-Meinhof Complex, as well as Downfall, the story of the final days of Hitler. That’s right, the guy that wrote the actual words to probably the most parodied film clip on youtube.

The good news is that Eichinger finds these parodies hilarious and he even told me of his favorite one.

Richard Huffman: As the writer of Downfall, the superb film about Hitler’s final days, I’m sure you’ve seen your work parodied on youtube literally hundreds of times with the various “Hitler Mash-up” videos. What do you think of those videos? If you find them at all amusing, do you have a favorite? Or are they too inappropriate? I confess that I find “Downfall of Grammar” pretty amusing:

Bernd Eichinger: I find those parodies tremendously amusing! Obviously, the film and this scene in particular is a real fire starter for people’s imagination. What else can you hope for as a filmmaker?  This is moviemaking heaven!  My favorite one is when Hitler is having his tantrum over his losses in the real estate crisis.  Hitler’s real crisis at the time was also about a gigantic real estate loss:  the loss of all those territories he had conquered fuelled by false credit and driven by avarice, megalomania and extreme ruthlessness. And then history’s Down Jones came crushing down on him….I find this parody so funny because it’s historically relevant.

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Trio charged in creating actual Hitler Youth Camp

In a scary example of a non-metaphorical, absolutely real example of an effort to create a modern-day Hitler Youth, three Germans were charged in Germany for their efforts to recreate Hitler’s infamous youth organization.

Prosecutors in Germany charged three people on Thursday suspected of creating ‘Hitler Youth”-style camps where uniformed children were ‘schooled’ in far-right racial theory and shown Nazi propaganda.

The trio – a 25-year-old student, a 27-year-old mechanic and a 24-year-old saleswoman – had links to the far-right movement in Germany and were charged with inciting racial hatred and distributing propaganda, prosecutors said.

The student was accused of running a camp in May 2006 of the now-banned HDJ group – whose name means ‘German youth true to the homeland’ – in which at least 13 children took part in torch-lit marches in masks with inverted swastikas.

The other two were accused of setting up a ‘race school’ for between 30 or 40 participants, including a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, who were warned against ‘racial mixing’ and who heard racist comments about Arabs and Jews.

Germany’s interior ministry banned the HDJ in March after police busted several camps where children as young as six were taught that foreigners and Jews were a threat to the ‘German nation.’

Participants in the ‘school’ also watched the banned film ‘Der ewige Jude’ (‘The Eternal Jew’) published by the Nazis in 1940, in which Nazi symbols are displayed and Jews are maltreated. Source: The Straits Times

Wow. That’s scary and awful.

So to recap folks, 25 kindergartners singing a song one time about Obama? Not the Hitler Youth. Showing kids “the Eternal Jew,” teaching them about the danger’s of racial mixing, and holding torchlight marches? Now that’s something to be scared of.

NY Times finally notes the Democrats=Nazis talk

The Gray Lady takes note.

The Gray Lady takes note.

The gray lady of journalism took note of the Republican “Democrats=Nazis” meme that has been evident over the last several months in a post by Heather Newman in the Caucaus Blog section of the New York Times website. Newman describes how a new Republican National Committee website launch was undermined by references of Democrats to the Nazis.

But that new effort got sidelined, or rather sideswiped, by some other Republican moves, that seemed to harken back to Hitler and the Nazis, yet again. In fact, Glenn Beck of Fox News, likened the feud with the White House as one that was akin to the Nazi movement that first came after the Jews?

To back up, this morning, the Republicans showed the ease with which they now put social media to work, when the National Republican Congressional Committee posted a message on Twitter directing readers to a parody video of a doctored Hitler bio-pic showing the Fuhrer on health care and thanking his lucky stars that he has Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, on his side. Source: The NY Times

After an uproar, the Republicans took the video down, issuing the following statement:

N.R.C.C. spokesman John Randall says they have pulled down the Tweet and offered a mea culpa:

“We saw the video this morning and thought, like other parodies, that it was funny,” Randall just told me. “In 20-20 hindsight, we realized it was in poor taste and pulled it down… I don’t want anyone to think we’re comparing Democrats to Nazis and to Hitler.”

You know what? I think I’m going to give the Republicans a bit of a pass on this one. There are simply thousands of parodies from that clip of the movie Downfall out there and there really isn’t much of a whiff of actual malice in them. They are typically just funny in a more Hogan’s Heroes type way.

I know, I know. You say “but this is different, they are directly calling Nancy Pelosi a Nazi and indicating health care reform is a Nazi effort.”

Yeah, I get it. But I think in this case it was just a dumb joke and their mea culpa seemed sincere enough as those things go.

Interestingly, I am interviewing for my web site the actual writer of that infamous scene in Downfall (he also wrote the recent movie “The Baader-Meinhof Complex”). I asked him what he thought of all of these parodies of his work and whether he finds them amusing. Can’t wait to hear what he says…

My favorite Downfall parody video? Definitely this one:

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Elderly Minnesotan compares Obama to Hitler

Maria Anne Hirschmann's autobiography (it's true!*)

Maria Anne Hirschmann's autobiography (it's true!*)

Maria Anne Hirschmann, who apparently was in the League of German Girls (the girls parallel organization to the Hitler Youth), is drawing concerns for her repeated comparisons of Obama to Hitler.

Hirschmann compared President Obama to the rise of Hilter’s Nazi Germany. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Hirshmann has said, “Obama, like Hitler, is ‘a charismatic leader who promises full pocketbooks.’ Obama’s pro-choice stands, she writes, resembles those of Hitler, who ‘brought abortion to a systematic level and declared the killing of unborn babies a national duty.’”

Hirschmann explained her position later:

In her April 2009 newsletter, Hirschmann states she is not comparing Obama to Hitler, rather she sees “trends in America that led Germany into disaster…” She goes on to ask, “Is this unlimited new spending and reckless printing of paper money similar to the economic recovery of Nazi Germany? Yes, it is and it made the German people jubilant because Hitler turned the economy around within four years. Nobody saw that the next four years prepared for World War II, and within 12 years most of Germany was in ashes and Europe nearly destroyed. Source: Minnesota Independent

I’m not comparing Obama to Hitler, oh Lordy no. I’m just saying he’s essentially the genetic, spiritual, and philosophical twin to Hitler and we can clearly expect a coming World War along with millions dead. That’s all.

It’s important to note that when Ms. Hirschmann accuses Hitler of  bringing “abortion to a systematic level and declared the killing of unborn babies a national duty” she’s kind of getting things exactly wrong.

* A note about the image used with this post. This is the actual autobiography, in comic form of Maria Anne Hirschmann. Ordinarily I never, ever post swastikas, pictures of Hitler, etc, on this site, unless it is absolutely directly related to the post.

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Jersey writer compares liberals to Hitler in a letter condemning name calling

Hey Hitler, stop your name calling!

Hey Hitler, stop your name calling!

Alex Drobny, writing in the letters section of the Daily Journal of New Jersey, has condemned liberals for using the tactics of Hitler in their demonizing of the right.

Each letter then ends with a tirade calling us the right-wing fringe. This is exactly the same tactic that Hitler and others have used throughout history to squash the opposition. In case the liberals have not noticed, the Constitution of the United States is still in effect. We as Americans can protest every single thing any president proposes — whether you agree or not — rather than resort to name-calling. Source: The Daily Journal

So equating someone to Hitler isn’t name calling?

Then what the hell is?

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Doofus learns there are consequences to calling a judge Hitler

Pissed off a judge

Pissed off a judge

Fake New York livery cab driver Torkieh Sadagheh was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping two women today, plus 30 extra days for calling the judge “worse than Hitler.”

Torkieh Sadagheh reportedly cried upon hearing his sentence, but when that got him no sympathy, he went the outburst route — which got him an extra month in the slammer for contempt of court. He reportedly “wept, berated the judge and even attempted to switch attorneys” — at one point declaring the judge was “worse than Hitler” and that the two women were “defiling my constitutional rights!” Source:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get Glenn Beck in front of this judge?

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