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Elderly Minnesotan compares Obama to Hitler

Maria Anne Hirschmann's autobiography (it's true!*)

Maria Anne Hirschmann's autobiography (it's true!*)

Maria Anne Hirschmann, who apparently was in the League of German Girls (the girls parallel organization to the Hitler Youth), is drawing concerns for her repeated comparisons of Obama to Hitler.

Hirschmann compared President Obama to the rise of Hilter’s Nazi Germany. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Hirshmann has said, “Obama, like Hitler, is ‘a charismatic leader who promises full pocketbooks.’ Obama’s pro-choice stands, she writes, resembles those of Hitler, who ‘brought abortion to a systematic level and declared the killing of unborn babies a national duty.’”

Hirschmann explained her position later:

In her April 2009 newsletter, Hirschmann states she is not comparing Obama to Hitler, rather she sees “trends in America that led Germany into disaster…” She goes on to ask, “Is this unlimited new spending and reckless printing of paper money similar to the economic recovery of Nazi Germany? Yes, it is and it made the German people jubilant because Hitler turned the economy around within four years. Nobody saw that the next four years prepared for World War II, and within 12 years most of Germany was in ashes and Europe nearly destroyed. Source: Minnesota Independent

I’m not comparing Obama to Hitler, oh Lordy no. I’m just saying he’s essentially the genetic, spiritual, and philosophical twin to Hitler and we can clearly expect a coming World War along with millions dead. That’s all.

It’s important to note that when Ms. Hirschmann accuses Hitler of  bringing “abortion to a systematic level and declared the killing of unborn babies a national duty” she’s kind of getting things exactly wrong.

* A note about the image used with this post. This is the actual autobiography, in comic form of Maria Anne Hirschmann. Ordinarily I never, ever post swastikas, pictures of Hitler, etc, on this site, unless it is absolutely directly related to the post.

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