NY Times finally notes the Democrats=Nazis talk

The Gray Lady takes note.

The Gray Lady takes note.

The gray lady of journalism took note of the Republican “Democrats=Nazis” meme that has been evident over the last several months in a post by Heather Newman in the Caucaus Blog section of the New York Times website. Newman describes how a new Republican National Committee website launch was undermined by references of Democrats to the Nazis.

But that new effort got sidelined, or rather sideswiped, by some other Republican moves, that seemed to harken back to Hitler and the Nazis, yet again. In fact, Glenn Beck of Fox News, likened the feud with the White House as one that was akin to the Nazi movement that first came after the Jews?

To back up, this morning, the Republicans showed the ease with which they now put social media to work, when the National Republican Congressional Committee posted a message on Twitter directing readers to a parody video of a doctored Hitler bio-pic showing the Fuhrer on health care and thanking his lucky stars that he has Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, on his side. Source: The NY Times

After an uproar, the Republicans took the video down, issuing the following statement:

N.R.C.C. spokesman John Randall says they have pulled down the Tweet and offered a mea culpa:

“We saw the video this morning and thought, like other parodies, that it was funny,” Randall just told me. “In 20-20 hindsight, we realized it was in poor taste and pulled it down… I don’t want anyone to think we’re comparing Democrats to Nazis and to Hitler.”

You know what? I think I’m going to give the Republicans a bit of a pass on this one. There are simply thousands of parodies from that clip of the movie Downfall out there and there really isn’t much of a whiff of actual malice in them. They are typically just funny in a more Hogan’s Heroes type way.

I know, I know. You say “but this is different, they are directly calling Nancy Pelosi a Nazi and indicating health care reform is a Nazi effort.”

Yeah, I get it. But I think in this case it was just a dumb joke and their mea culpa seemed sincere enough as those things go.

Interestingly, I am interviewing for my www.baader-meinhof.com web site the actual writer of that infamous scene in Downfall (he also wrote the recent movie “The Baader-Meinhof Complex”). I asked him what he thought of all of these parodies of his work and whether he finds them amusing. Can’t wait to hear what he says…

My favorite Downfall parody video? Definitely this one:

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