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Stephen Fry apologies; restores order to the world

Stephen Fry is sorry

Stephen Fry is sorry

Stephen Fry, the amiable and brilliant British actor/writer has apologized for his recent accusation that Polish Catholics were complicit in the Holocaust.

I take this opportunity to apologise now. I said a stupid, thoughtless and fatuous thing. It detracted from and devalued my argument, such as it was, and it outraged and offended a large group of people for no very good reason. I am sorry in all directions, and all the more sorry because it is no one’s fault but my own, which always makes it so much worse. And sorry because I didn’t have the wit, style, grace or guts to apologise at the first opportunity. Source: Stephen Fry’s Blog

The apology comes in the form of a gigantic multi-page post on Fry’s blog. Like most everything Fry does, it is massively entertaining, very self-effacing and also self-serving, and clearly absolutely heart-felt.

The guy said something really, really dumb; he really, really didn’t think it through, and now he’s really really sorry.

Good for him for grabbing those vines on his way down that precipice he jumped off, and pulling himself back up.

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