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Scalia compares Warren Court to Hitler

Mr. Class, Antonin Scalia

Mr. Class, Antonin Scalia

WTH reader John Starrett pointed me towards a remarkable statement by US Supreme Court Justica Antonin Scalia where he compares the Warren Court of the 1950s and their landmark Brown Versus the Board of Education decision ending segregation in US schools to Hitler.

Using his “originalist” philosophy, Scalia said he likely would have dissented from the historic 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision that declared school segregation illegal and struck down the system of “separate but equal” public schools. He said that decision, which overturned earlier precedent, was designed to provide an approach the majority liked better.
“I will stipulate that it will,” Scalia said. But he said that doesn’t make it right. “Kings can do some stuff, some good stuff, that a democratic society could never do,” he continued.

“Hitler developed a wonderful automobile,” Scalia said. “What does that prove?” Source: Huffington Post, H/T John Starrett

So in this analogy, the Warren Court is Hitler. And further, he is saying that while ending the forced separation of African-Americans might be “good stuff,” because it conflicts with his originalist philosophy, it wasn’t the “right” decision.

By lumping Hitler in with the Brown vs. BoE decision he’s managed to doubly offend. As if equating the Warren Court with Hitler wasn’t bad enough, he had to go and say that the decision to end segregation was the wrong decision.


Special note: while surfing for images of Scalia, I came across this one that was featured on the liberal site Daily Kos. Hey Daily Kos, it’s just as offensive coming from you as coming from Scalia!

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