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Erie Republican “Really, Really sorry” for comparing Orthodox Jew politician to Hitler

Erie County, New York Republican County Executive Chris Collins is apologizing for comparing Orthodox Jewish New York State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver to Adolf Hitler.

An upstate Republican who’s eying a run for governor has compared Shelly Silver, the Orthodox Jewish speaker of the state Assembly, with Adolf Hitler and the anti-Christ.

And now Erie County Executive Chris Collins says he’s really, really sorry.

The slur came during a speech Saturday night to fellow Republicans in Buffalo, while slamming Albany’s notorious “three men in a room” budget process – in which the governor and legislative leaders make deals in private.

Collins referenced famed French seer Nostradamus’ prediction that there would be three anti-Christs before the Apocalypse.

He said it’s generally accepted the first was Napoleon and the second Hitler.

He said he was “pretty sure” the third is Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, two attendees at the Erie County GOP’s annual fall fund-raiser at the Adam’s Mark Hotel said.

“No one clapped. No one cheered. No one laughed,” said a Western New York Republican who was at the event. “I know I didn’t. I thought it was a little harsh to be calling someone an anti-Christ.”

Through his spokesman, Collins said he had made a “poor joke” and extended his “sincerest apologies” to Silver.

“While we may disagree strongly on policy matters, my statement had no place in our political discourse and I am truly sorry to both the speaker and to anyone else who I may have offended,” Collins said. Source: NY Daily News via Yeshiva World News

Definitely the best part about this story is the “Western New York Republican who was condemning the comparison to the Anti-Christ, but didn’t mention the Hitler reference. I guess that one was OK…

I’m not one to think that it is somehow doubly worse to compare a Jew to Hitler. I think pretty much all of these analogies are equally bad, regardless of the subject of the analogy. That said, from a perception standpoint, if you are going to compare someone to Hitler, you have got to be really fucking stupid if that person is an Orthodox Jew.

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Direct vs. Indirect 8
Inappropriateness 10

Total Score: 7


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