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Captain Paul Watson Says Pro-Whaling Kiwi PR Flack is Like Goebbels

Captain Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson, head of the Sea Shepherd Society, and certainly the world’s leading anti-whaling advocate, says that a New Zealand Public Relations rep seems to have studied “at Joseph Goebbel’s School of Propaganda.”

Inwood has a big bag of tricks arguing that eating whale is no different than eating lamb, that the Maori once whaled so why can’t the Japanese, even going so far as to say that it is an insult to Maori culture to rescue stranded whales because they are a gift from Tangaroa.

I’ve spoken to a few Maori who believe Inwood is an insult to Maori culture. Inwood has turned on his own people, labeling whale-loving New Zealanders as “bigots” for opposing Japanese whaling and describing the movie Whale Rider as “romantic nonsense.”

Mr. Inwood’s education in public relations seems to have been restricted to the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda. Repeat a lie often enough, and loud enough, and some people may begin to believe it.
Source: San Francisco IndyMedia

I’ll come write out and admit that Captain Paul Watson is one of my personal heroes. At times it seems like he and his organization are the only people preventing the wholesale extinction of entire species of whales. About a decade ago I was heavily involved in (sadly unsuccessful efforts) to convince the Makah tribe in my state from exercising their oddly acquired rights to hunt Gray Whales (I was the media guy for the Progressive Animal Welfare Society). Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds were here and fighting for those whales, whereas Greenpeace, which was basically founded as an anti-whaling group, pointedly chose to not get involved. Grrrr.

So take my soft-stance with Captain Watson with a grain of salt.

I think that this example is fairly innocuous because he qualifies the analogy a bit by saying that the Mr. Inwood seems to have gone to the school of Goebbels, and doesn’t directly compare him to Goebbels. Captain Watson also goes to great lengths to explain his differences with Inwood, so the analogy isn’t a little landmine left in the article to surprise us.

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  1. I agree – Inwood, sadly like many Maori, has absolutely no ability to see the bigger picture. He has, no doubt, found a selfish little niche for himself as the Japanese “pay him off” to present a NZ stance that isn’t! He defiles popular thinking in NZ and I despise his attitude as he is used by the Japanese whaling industry.

    April 8th, 2009
  2. A side note:
    How do you calculate final outrage-o-meter score? For example, in this post, the answer would have been 4 1/3, not 3, if you average them, and the outrage-o-meter explanation does not say how you get the final score.

    September 29th, 2009
  3. Basically it boils down to really bad math skills in the old brain… I’d edit the score now to be accurate, but then no one would understand these two comments!

    I should have studied harder in the third grade…

    Richard Huffman
    September 29th, 2009
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