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Former Child Star Connects Darwin to Hitler

Kirk says Hitler and Darwin are two peas in pod. A hateful, hateful pod.

Kirk says Hitler and Darwin are two peas in pod. A hateful, God-denying pod.

Former Growing Pains star and current fundamentalist Christian Kirk Cameron is on college campuses spreading the Good News that Hitler’s rise was directly tied to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Cameron says that he and like-minded activists plan to deliver 50,000 copies of an altered version of Darwin’s book to students at dozens of U.S. universities.

Cameron explains that this “very special” edition of the “Origin of Species” will include an introduction explaining “Adolf Hitler’s undeniable connection” to the theory of evolution, and highlighting “Darwin’s racism” and “his disdain for women.” Source: Huffington Post

I would suggest that since Mr. Cameron is visiting so many college campuses, he should consider auditing a few courses in logic and reasoning. And he should probably avoid the interstate highway system while traveling. You know, because of Hitler’s Autobahn is undeniably connected to the development of our highways.

I once made my living as animal advocate. Myself and my staff were charged with making a difference for animals in our little corner of the US. I learned pretty quickly that there were two kind of advocates for causes in the world: advocates that are interested in making concrete changes in society and advocates that are interested in impressing other advocates that think exactly like they do. As you can imagine with animal activism, the latter tend to get more noticed that the former. But the people really getting laws passed and helping shape public opinion are most certainly not the ones screaming in the streets and making provocative statements simply to generate attention.

It’s ironic that Mr. Cameron is using the old “let’s draw a connection to Hitler” technique because he’s clearly preaching to the choir in his beliefs against creation. A majority of Americans reject evolution. Face it, Mr. Cameron, we are stupid idiots already. You don’t need to resort to The Analogy That Cannot Be Topped to get us on your side. We’re already there. We are clearly already as dumb as you.

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  1. ….Just by chance, would those be the same type of “pea pods” that REV. GREGOR JOHANN MENDEL, used for his early experiments in genetics?

    October 7th, 2009
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