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Obama is Worse than Hitler; proof is on Youtube

President Barack Obama is Worse than Hitler, according to a youtube video produced shortly after Obama’s election. The video equates Obama’s rhetorical skill and his ability to inspire children to the power of Hitler.

I’ve often thought I should have called my blog “Just Like Hitler” because it’s just so rare that someone actually says that Obama/Bush/The Local Planning Commission/the Police is/are WORSE than Hitler. That’s why this youtube video is so wonderful and perfect. The creator simply does not know or care that he is violating the final rhetorical taboo. While it is apparently OK to say that someone is just like Adolf Hitler, saying that same person is worse than Hitler is just plain wrong, apparently. Personally I find it hard to find a distinction between the two comparisons, but maybe that’s just me.

I was made aware of this video through the alt.politics Google newsgroup. User “Tater Gumfries” linked to this video after his own missive titled “Obama WORSE than Hitler:

More and more people are coming to this realization. Nothing could be more clear — how can anyone not in league with this genocidal madman and his minions not see it? Hitler never attacked his own people, yet Obama is killing millions a day with his death panels and HMO extermination camps. Source: Google Groups

It takes a special kind of racist to look back at the millions of Jewish Germans and not even consider them part of the German people.

*EDITS* I’ve corrected some dumb spelling errors thanks to this pretty funny thread pointing them out. Ironically when I was writing the initial post yesterday, I was also engaging in an e-mail thread with my niece castigating her for spelling categories as “catagorys” (she’s 16 for God’s sake). Her response was “who cares about spelling in 2009.” Picture me lowering my head and slowly shaking it side to side.

Outrage-O-Meter Notes: I am lumping these two instances together. Necessarily the Audience Reach metric is small; less than 10,000 people have viewed the video, for instance, on youtube. But the sentiment in both the video and the comment above that was inspired by the video are so God damned awful that I am adding some bonus points for spite.

Audience Reach 2
Direct vs. Indirect 10
Inappropriateness 10
Final Score 7+3=10

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