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Singing schoolchildren “Just Like the Hitler Youth” says unemployed man

Chris Concannon, an unemployed New Jersey man, says that a youtube video showing area schoolchildren singing about Barack Obama is directly comparable to the Hitler Youth.

Gibson said that while parents had different views about how problematic the song may have been, one thing was unanimous: They don’t like having television trucks and reporters camped out on the streets near the school.

Friday afternoon, there were two police cars posted outside the building.

There wasn’t much protest, though. One man, Chris Concannon, from nearby Magnolia, was outside hoping to speak with school officials about what happened.

“It’s just like the Hitler Youth all over again,” said Concannon, an unemployed 26-year-old former National Guardsman. “They should be learning history, but instead they’re being taught to worship the president.” Source: NY Post

Yes, Mr. Concannon is correct. A group of kindergartners singing a song once about Obama is clear evidence of an American Hitler Youth.

Is there a disorder that causes some people to jump immediately to the most extreme analogy? Let’s say you really believe that a group of 20 odd kids singing a song for a few minutes is evidence of something. Should you really immediately says that it’s just like an organization that indoctrinated as many as 5 million children with a virulently antisemitic philosophy? An organization that developed a dense cell structure and infiltrated all aspects of German society?

OK granted, you might be completely nuts, and you might think that this is going to happen in American under Adolf Obama. But can we all agree that it hasn’t happened yet? And because of this, invoking the Hitler Youth, and the antisemitic baggage that goes along with it is perhaps a bit premature?

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