The Outrage-O-Meter

Evaluating the various analogies to Hitler, the Nazis, and the Holocaust is an inexact science. I have chosen to create a 1 to 10 scale on the Outrage-meter, 1 being not outrageous at all and 10 being the most outrageous.

I have further decided to break up each incident into three distinct areas of analysis:

Audience Reach: Was this claim made on an obscure blog read by 4 people? That’d be a 1. Was this claim made during the Super Bowl half-time show with an audience of 80 million? That’d be a 10.

Direct vs. Indirect Analogy: Was the claim direct directly comparing a person or subject to Hitler or the Holocaust? Such as “George Bush is exactly like Hitler.” Or does the claim the take a more nuanced approach by using code words for the Nazi era like “The Big Lie” or “Fascism?” Such as “Barack Obama must battle the Big Lie; Democrats must hold McCain and Republicans Acountable.” The more direct the analogy, the higher the score.

Inappropriateness Did the analogy offer a directly comparable example? Such as the afformentioned Rwanda/Holocaust example? Or was it a grossly innapropriate example, such as comparing a small town politician to Hitler? Along this continuum I will try to note the passion of people for a particular subject matter, but the score will be reflective of where I think the general public would fall on the issue. So, for instance, a person might compare the claimed murders of millions of unborn children through abortion to the Holocaust, or another person might claim the millions of animals kept in appalling conditions on factory farms as akin to the Holocaust, the average person would not accept the analogy.

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