An Explanation

The Worse Than Hitler Blog is dedicated to the proposition that excited and enraged people just can’t help themselves and find themselves comparing the craziest things to either Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust. I call it “The Analogy That Cannot Be Topped.” This blog was created and maintained by me, Richard Huffman.

This blog uses as its basis Huffman’s Hitler Hypothesis, which states that there is no subject which arouses passion where someone has not publicly invoked an analogy to Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust. (This is related, but different than, Godwin’s Law, which finds that the longer an online flame war progresses, the more likely it will eventually devolve into Nazi references.)

There is almost nothing comparable to Hitler, the Nazi Regime, and the atrocities of the Holocaust. But this doesn’t seem to stop people from trying. Worse than Hitler tries to evaluate the analogies on their appropriateness. Comparing the genocide of Rwanda to the genocide of the Holocaust may be a valid or appropriate comparison, especially if care is made to note the similarities between the murders of a million people in Rwanda to the millions murdered during the Holocaust. But comparing the deaths of animals on factory farms to the deaths of Jews in the Holocaust will probably not have the intended impact on a large part of the audience. Read my primer for tips on how to craft better analogies than the Analogy That Cannot Be Topped.

This blog tries to not make value judgments based on political beliefs. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a left-leaning Seattleite who has run major animal shelters and served as the Advocacy Director of the Northwest’s largest animal advocacy organization. This doesn’t mean that I don’t find analogies to the Holocaust that are often used in the animal welfare arena inappropriate or sometimes just plain silly.

I’m also fairly progressive politically, but for whatever reason I find that the left uses the Analogy That Cannot Be Topped more often than the right. [edit: the late summer 2009 explosion of the Obama-is-Hitler meme has more than evened the score. -Richard Huffman] But either way, left or right, I aim to highlight the uses and abuses of said analogy and heartily mock those that invoke it.

Mostly this blog is designed to be humorous and to hopefully inspire others to think twice before they use what they are certain is the perfect analogy to their particular issue.

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